John Who. - Power Game

About this series.



Positions of Power is attached to The Disparity Collective created through a photography residency with Redeye Photography in Manchester in 2018. There are 7 members of Disparity all approaching and creating images around the idea of Power from a unique perspective.

 In 1994 the criminal justice bill was passed,  what did it mean? "It's about politicians making laws on the basis of judging people's lifestyles." [1] Jon Savage

Blackpool is well documented as a place with lack of opportunity and highlighted for child poverty, the second worse place to live for women and worse for men.

 This series of images are of individuals challenging traditional ideals of power through the written word, theatre, performance, visual art. The images are accompanied by audio interviews.

The series continues with a Exemplum or #powergame a series of images created (featured John Who?) through a social media and text game using words and responses from the participants. It is an attempt to make the audience member part of the process, a parody of modern day "positive statements" and a reflection of how we "buy" into mass and social media.


I ask the question : What is power to you?