The ongoing series “Seasonal Workers” stems from a lifetime of living in Blackpool, Lancashire - a unique place of ice creams, piers and beaches. A tourist town where residents are somehow separated from what is available to visitors.

As a child I begged to see the Illuminations every year - my dads response was always the same “You have seen one light bulb, you have seen them all”. Tall roller-coasters and candyfloss taunt you as a child of Blackpool with local families preferring to stay away from busy tourist areas in high season.

When you live in Blackpool it is expected that you might do some sort of seasonal job at some point in your life.

It might be when you are a teen or early in your 20’s or you might be part of a family that has sold ice creams for years or own a novelty shop that previous generations have run.

The series begins with the exploration of the annual Landau Owners vehicle inspections held on a central car park in Blackpool.